Bridal & Engagement Rings

LaViano Jewelers would love to see our ring on your hand forever. It is our goal to assist you in picking an engagement ring that excites you every time you look at it. We also invite you to explore our women’s and men’s wedding bands.

The LaViano Process

    • Diamond Education

      We specialize in GIA Certified Diamonds, otherwise known as the most trusted source of knowledge and standards in the diamond industry. We believe that educating the customer is the first and most important step in selecting a diamond. Pay us a visit, or feel free to click here, to learn a little bit more about what to look for when selecting your stone.

    • Choosing Your Desired Style

      After educating you on the parameters of your perfect stone, we ask a few questions regarding the style you are looking for. Whether you come to us with a specific cut in mind or are open to many different styles, we will help you build your dream ring from the ground up.

    • Diamond Viewing

      Once you have found your desired stone shape, we will prepare a diamond viewing for you. At this viewing, we will present a number of different stones for you to choose from. All of these stones will be within the parameters of your desired gem. There is no obligation to purchase during a diamond viewing; we would love you to be as confident and comfortable in your choice as we are.

    • Ring Assembly

      After you have chosen your diamond, we will begin constructing your ideal ring from the ground up. At LaViano Jewelers, we have an extraordinary array of mountings for you to choose from. With a platinum and goldsmith on staff, we are able to modify or create the ideal setting for your beautiful stone. Our sales staff will take you through the many options available to you and will guide you in choosing the perfect mounting to fit your needs. We do not take deposits or sign contracts.

  • Wedding Bands

    When you are ready to begin your forever journey, LaViano Jewelers has a wide variety of both men’s and women’s wedding bands for you to choose from. If you’re looking for something to make a perfect match with your engagement ring mounting, we are able to craft a mate in-house.