Why Buying a Diamond Online is a Disservice

Buying a Diamond online … Really???

I feel compelled to write this memo to the young men of America:

Do not do yourself a disservice in buying a diamond online.


For certain … without question, you will be buying an inferior diamond in the online capacity than you would from your local jeweler.

It is a fact in the diamond trade that cutters keep the best 20% of their diamond inventory for independent jewelers, who will actually look at and assess the diamonds before purchasing.  A diamond is an investment. You will be buying nothing more than a good certificate accompanied by a mediocre diamond.interior-our-diamonds

Furthermore, the mounting or setting that the diamond will be in is a one piece casting- lacking the necessary security for day to day wear and not an enhancement to the diamond, but quite the opposite…a detractor.

You may have met online but I can assure this – your future fiancé will not be impressed when she learns that you sat in front of a computer, in your apartment ordering (sight unseen) a ring for the woman you hope to spend the rest of your life with.

Can any less effort be given?

Suggestion:  Your parents more than likely have a relationship with a local jeweler or can recommend a store with a good reputation.

Establish a relationship with them!

They will be vested in your best interests and give good advice.  You will have recourse and a comfortable place you will always be welcomed at.

A relationship is not established by asking the local jeweler to size a ring and assume the risk for a ring that was purchased online.

LaViano Jewelers has been in business for over 70 years and three generations…all based on strong relationships created early on with the first purchase typically being an engagement ring.

We would very much like to continue that tradition but can only do so if the next generation is also desirous to have a relationship…where both parties are well served.


You will not pay more, but will get so much more.

Jeffrey LaViano

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