Celebrating 55 Years of the Grand Seiko Style with a new Spring Drive creation inspired by the moon over the Shinshu mountains
The 1967 44GS was the watch that first embodied the design code known as the “Grand Seiko Style”, the set of nine principles that gave Grand Seiko its distinctive look and still inspires every new creation. Today, a new limited edition Spring Drive watch joins the celebration of the 55th anniversary of this defining landmark in the history of Grand Seiko: the 44GS 55th Anniversary Limited Edition.

The moon, the mountains and the serenity of the night sky

The dial has a deep blue color that captures the alluring beauty of the full moon in the night sky above the Shinshu mountains that can be seen from the studio in Shinshu where this and all Grand Seiko Spring Drive watches are created. The sunray pattern on the dial catches the light at every angle and recreates the gentle sparkle that the moon casts over the landscape when it is at its very highest point in the sky. In this new watch, Spring Drive’s signature glide motion seconds hand is gold in color. As it sweeps silently across the wide dial, it captures the grandeur of the night sky, bringing the wearer closer than ever to the serene and eternal nature of the passage of time. The minute and seconds hands are shaped by hand so that they curve gently down towards the minute track at the edge of the dial, enhancing the legibility of the exact time. The watch is presented on a dark blue strap that harmonizes perfectly with the rich tone of the dial.

Celebrating 55 Years of the Grand Seiko Style with a new Spring Drive creation inspired by the moon over the Shinshu mountains
The GS letters and the seconds hand are in a gold color that echoes the brightness of
the full moon seen through the clear mountain air.

This new creation is powered by the manual-winding Spring Drive Caliber 9R31. This movement incorporates an innovative Dual-Spring Barrel that contains two mainsprings set in parallel and so delivers a power reserve of 72 hours. The thinness of this movement, the slim construction of the case and the box-shaped sapphire crystal all combine to allow the craftsmen and women of the Shinshu Watch Studio to create a slim and classical design that captures the spirit of the original 44GS, while also achieving a low center of gravity that provides excellent comfort on the wrist.

The watch is offered as a limited edition of 1,500. Each individual serial number and the words “Limited Edition” are engraved on the case back.

This new addition to the Heritage Collection will be available in August at the Grand Seiko Boutiques and selected retail partners worldwide.

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