Your jewelry collection is distinctive - whether it's an engagement ring you wear every day or a piece you inherited from your grandmother's estate. Honor its value, and benefit from of our appraisal service. 

We provide complimentary insurance appraisals for all items purchased in our store. In addition, we provide appraisal services for:

  • Value for consideration of sale
  • Insurance replacement
  • Estate pieces
  • Purchases made with other jewelers

Verbal appraisals of value for consideration of sale are always done at no charge. 

The fee for insurance appraisals and/or estate appraisals requiring documentation are $125 for a single item and $75 for each additional.

An insurance replacement appraisal is typically required by insurance companies to insure jewelry and watches. This allows you to be compensated for its full replacement value should your jewelry become damaged, lost, or stolen. We recommend checking whether your homeowner's insurance policy covers your jewelry as well as the amount it is covered for.

To dedicate the time and attention needed for this service, we ask that you call to schedule an appointment. Appraisals are done with the upmost care and integrity – in your presence at the store. We encourage observation and dialogue while your piece is examined. No personal items will be left in the store for appraisals.

Our staff is expertly trained, and we guarantee an accurate evaluation – providing you with current value. Please bring sales receipts, warranties, diamond or gemstone GIA certificates, insurance summaries, or letters to your appointment. Past documents allow us to provide detail, ensuring the most accurate appraisal. Appraisals should be updated every three to five years to represent current value.