The new Pasha de Cartier chronograph, a watch for those who think big

With its distinctive codes, chained crown and extraordinary design, the Pasha has been a watch for those who think big since its creation in 1985.
A cult watch whose repertoire is growing in 2021 with a 41 mm chronograph version.
The new Cartier chronograph multiplies the power and visibility of the Pasha watch.
Passion and commitment further strengthen the design of the watch, which is accentuated by the presence of a rotating graduated bezel and two push-buttons.
Loyal to the earliest versions of the Pasha chronographs, these two push-buttons set with a cabochon retain their original spherical shape.
A bold style choice that aligns perfectly with the spirit of the Pasha de Cartier watch, of which the new chronograph version is equipped with the 1904-CH MC Cartier Manufacture movement and a sapphire case back.

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