New York, NY (July 19, 2021) – As Accutron marks its return, its retrospect of key historical moments and notable designs inspire its new Legacy Collection. Known for offering “Accuracy through Electronics,” Accutron became one of the key technologies used in instrumentation and timepieces that the U.S. government and NASA utilized in the Space Race starting in the late 50s through the early 60s. Accutron’s work with the United States space program as well as the increased popularity of space exploration at that time led to the design of one of the most unique Accutron timepieces, the Date and Day “Q.” Adding to the Legacy Collection, this timepiece is yet another inspiration from Accutron’s incomparable history, reviving the iconic 1971 design.




Nicknamed “the up/down” watch because of its unique day and date apertures, the new Date and Day “Q” reimagines the original, with the same beautifully streamlined 34.5mm oval case design and crown placement at 4 o’clock. Taking notice to its oval shape, the watch was also called the “flying saucer” inspired by the 1970’s orbital style with nods to the flying saucer shaped television popular during this time period and the 46 NASA space missions the brand was part of years earlier, including many orbiting missions in which Accutron was integral for timing requirements.




Incorporating space themed hues, the new release features a highly polished silver-tone stainless steel case and dark blue dial, finished with cool grey applied Roman numerals, a blue-accented day/date feature and a domed sapphire crystal with AR coating. Powered by Accutron’s reliable Swiss-made 26-jewel movement to guarantee quality and accuracy, the Date and Day “Q” is offered on a sleek white accent-stitched dark blue leather grain strap to complete its celestial themed look. Limited to 600 pieces, this exclusive luxury timepiece is available now for $1,390.

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