Chris and Lora: A Proposal Story

Here at LaViano Jewelers, we take pride in the pieces we create through the inspiration our customers give us.

Founded over 70 years ago, LaViano Jewelers has always had one goal in mind above all else… to make the dreams of all who visit us come true. It gives us great pleasure to hear all of the won

derful life stories we were able to be apart of. One story in particular that has stood out to us is the marriage of the Lora and Chris Facendola.

Lora and Chris’s journey began about 9 years ago when the couple first started dating in November 2008. Upon meeting Chris and Lora, it was evident that these two shared a very special connection. It was Lora’s birthday and Chris came into LaViano Jewelers in search of the perfect gift, as it was the first birthday he would celebrate with her. We could clearly see how excited and important this was to Chris and were thrilled to help him find the right piece. He chose a beautiful silver necklace that Lora wears still to this day.

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As time progressed and their relationship grew stronger, Chris felt it was time to solidify their relationship with a proposal. After speaking with Lora’s family about taking this next step, Chris was given Lora’s mother’s oval diamond with the intention of keeping this stone in their family for generations to come. With no hesitation, Chris knew the best place to find the setting for his future wife’s engagement ring was here at LaViano Jewelers.

When Chris came into the store, he had no idea what he was necessarily looking for when choosing a new setting but he knew he wanted it to be extremely different and not a typical piece that everyone had seen. He wanted to give Lora something as unique as their relationship. After hearing Chris’s explanation, Jeanne, one of LaViano Jewelers long time sales employees, knew exactly what he was looking for. She showed him a beautiful LaViano Original platinum and diamond, hand engraved, art-deco style engagement ring with scroll engravings going down each side. This LaViano Original had a very unique appeal to it because it was made so Lora’s mother’s oval diamond would be put in the setting to sit east to west instead of the typical north to south placement. No one else in the world would have this one of a kind piece other than Lora; which was exactly what Chris was looking for and with complete certainty knew this was the one.

When it came to the actual engagement, Chris proposed to Lora on their vacation in Topsail Island, NC in September of 2015. They had been going there for vacation every year but this time their entire families would join them. Though having their families down was extremely fun, it made the week a bit more hectic for Lora and Chris than usual. One night during their vacation, the couple snuck away for some alone time on the island to a place called “Serenity Point” in hopes to catch a sunset. Unfortunately, it was an extremely cloudy night and the sunset seemed unimpressive so they both chose to walk along the beach and watch some dolphins in the water in hopes for the sky to clear up. With no signs showing the sky would be clearing up any time soon, Chris knew that it was still the perfect moment to begin the rest of their life together. Right then, Chris knelt down in the sand and proposed to Lora, who described it as perfect.

“Everything he said was amazing and perfect. I fell in love with him all over again and was amazed at my ring. Right after he proposed, the clouds cleared and the sky lit up in the most amazing beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen.”

After their engagement, the planning began right away. They chose to get married in Topsail, NC where their magical engagement happened and booked their venue only 3 days after she said yes! The couple came back to LaViano Jewelers to pick out their wedding bands and tell us their exciting news of their engagement. Their wedding was described as small and perfect, and was made just for them.

“We decided to have it on the rooftop of a large house in Topsail. The ceremony was on the beach and the reception at the house immediately after. We wrote our vows and threw them into the ocean as a message in a bottle instead of doing a candle or sand ceremony.”

According to the newlyweds, the two-week trip was exciting, fun and perfect even though a hurricane decided to crash their party; but in a Lora and Chris fashion, they made the best of it and had a hurricane party with their guests. Nothing was able to interfere with the magical celebration of Lora and Chris.

Lora and Chris’s tale is truly an amazing and unique love story that LaViano Jewelers is grateful to have taken part in. Here at LaViano Jewelers, we are a family business who not only loves being part of the beautiful journeys taken towards starting new families, but also feel these families become an extension of ours.

Thank you Lora and Chris for sharing this fairytale experience with us and we wish you both the best for a happy life together.