Tim and Arianna: A Homerun Engagement Story

There are no stories more romantic than the ones of how couples in love first come to be. For over 70 years, LaViano Jewelers has heard many different and wonderful love stories from those in search of their fairytale ending. One story that has touched us greatly is that of newly engaged couple Tim and Arianna.

The story begins 17 years ago back on the baseball field. Tim, just ten at the time, played for his town little league baseball team and will forever be the season he will always remember. This was the year Tim describes as going from “Worst to First,” and considering the outcome of Tim and Arianna’s engagement we have to agree!

“In 2000, our fathers coached the town baseball team together, in which the roster included her brother Gary and I. Our team stunk during the regular season, as we finished dead last in the league. However, every team made the playoffs and our team miraculously went from “Worst to First” winning the championship in the end.” – Tim

Tim describes this as being the real stage setter between him and Arianna. With Arianna being at almost every game to support her father and little brother Gary, both were completely unaware of how important that summer would be! Seeing Arianna was 2 years older than Tim, she never looked at him as more than just a little kid who was friends with her brother. Not until Tim stepped up to bat years later did Arianna’s view change.

As time went on, Arianna and Tim lost touch over the years only seeing each other at family gatherings or a small run in here and there. It was not until their college years did this couple reconnect when Tim reached out to Arianna.

“Intrigued as Tim reached out after years of not seeing each other, I consoled with my friends and realized he was no longer the little boy I remembered from the baseball field so maybe this could work.” – Arianna

Things really took off with this couple in 2012 when Arianna graduated college. Just starting her career with the love and support of Tim, their relationship really began to grow into something stronger than they could ever imagine.

“From the start we felt comfortable with each other and the similarities in our families made it easy for us to connect. Both of our mother’s and father’s grew up in the same town and reconnected later in life, so this all seemed too good to be true!” – Arianna

As time went on and their relationship continued to grow even stronger than ever before, Tim felt it was the perfect time to take their relationship to the next level. With plans being made to take a trip to Pompano Beach Florida, timing couldn’t be better and Tim decided it was time to take a visit to LaViano Jewelers to pick out the ring.

“With generations of family shopping at LaViano, I knew this establishment wouldn’t disappoint. Sure enough, through my ideas and the guidance from LaViano jewelers I hit a “home-run” that I never could’ve topped in my little league days.” –Tim.

With help from LaViano’s store manager, Bert and Tim’s strong influence in knowing exactly what he was looking for, they created a beautiful ring for Arianna.

With the ring perfect and ready to go and their vacation just beginning, Tim was all set to pop the question. On May 17, 2017, mid way through his vacation, Tim knew this would be the perfect day. With his sisters being flown in for the surprise and everything set up just as planned, he headed to the beach with Arianna for their traditional vacation ritual of taking a time-lapse image of the sunset. Little did Arianna know she was on her way to the beach for something much more than a photo.

“I stood in the sand while Tim adjusted his camera to make sure he got “the perfect shot” while running back and forth to check up on me. The last time he returned with a look in his eyes and I remember saying, “Why are you looking at me like that?” It wasn’t until that moment that I realized what was going on. Overwhelmed with excitement it could not have been a better surprise. And the ring…could not have been more perfect! I have always trusted that he knows my style, but this ring confirmed that. Every girl dreams of this day and without any hints or direction from me, Tim created the most beautiful ring!”

With Tim’s sisters there to celebrate the couple’s wonderful engagement, they all spent the rest of the week enjoying their vacation, eagerly waiting to go home and tell the rest of their families the big news!

Congratulations Arianna and Tim from all of us here at LaViano Jewelers. We are so happy to be a part of your journey together and thank you for sharing this wonderful engagement story.

The couple is set to be married on June 15, 2018 at Stone House at Stirling Ridge in Warren, NJ.