Rob and Danielle: A Love Story on Ice

When most people put the words ice and LaViano Jewelers together, the first thought that typically would come to mind is our incredible diamond collection. In this particular real life fairytale, this is not the case. Rob and Danielle, newly engaged couple of just a year share their heart-melting love story that all started on the ice.
The story begins on the first day of Senior Year at Danielle’s local New Hampshire high school, when a new student caught her eye. Rob had just moved to the area to play hockey for a Jr. Prep League and needed to finish his senior year at a new school. Having grown up in the same area her whole life, she was extremely curious in finding out who this new person was.

“I walked into my first class and noticed him right away wanting to know who the cute new guy was and 3 months later we started dating!” – Danielle

As time went on and their relationship grew stronger, Rob felt it was time for Danielle to meet his parents.

“The first time I met his parents we went ice skating at Rockefeller Center! Being that it was my first time in New York City, we had such an amazing time. Seeing I was a figure skater and Rob was a hockey player, I loved having someone who can actually keep up with me on the ice! We really had such a great day” -Danielle

The couple seemed to be completely perfect. Not only were they in a relationship but they were best friends as well. During their early stages of dating, Rob was awarded with an incredible hockey scholarship that he could not refuse. Though excited about receiving this opportunity, his acceptance would mean he would have to travel for extended periods of time. Both knowing how difficult it would be, agreed it would be best to go their separate ways.
One night in August 2012, about two years after the couple broke up, Danielle was hanging out with her parents and received an unexpected phone call from Rob expressing how it had been way too long since they had seen each. With Rob planning on being in the Boston area, they both agreed to get together and ended up spending hours talking as if no time had passed since they last saw each other!

“At the end of the night, Rob walked me back to my car. We both knew we still had strong feelings for each other, which ended the night with goodbye kiss. From then on we went right back into the swing of things and have been together ever since!”-Danielle

Over the next 5 years Danielle and Rob were inseparable with their love growing bigger and stronger each day. With so many wonderful memories and so much history between the two, they both knew in their heart it was time to take the next step, just leaving the unanswered questions of when and how? Danielle had always been fond of Rob’s mother’s ring and said that if they were ever going to get married, that’s the design she would want to have. Luckily for us, her ring Danielle loved so much was made right here at LaViano Jewelers.

“My family always had an inside joke saying- “Don’t go anywhere but to see Jeff LaViano!” or “Whenever you are ready we have to go to LaViano.” In November of 2016 we took a trip into LaViano Jewelers to meet with Jeff where he helped us pick out the perfect ring for Danielle.” –Rob

With the ring completed and ready to go on Danielle’s finger, it was time for Rob to take his shot! After making many different plans Rob finally new how he was going to ask Danielle to be his wife. On December 6,2016 Rob had told Danielle that his parents were going to Rockefeller Center for a photo package deal where after having a 2 hour skating session, they would be able to have 10 minutes on the ice to take a picture. Little did Danielle know that this package was actually called “The Engagement Package.”

“That day we planned on going to the city to go skate at Rockefeller Center. As much as I wanted to go, I really didn’t feel great and almost ended up canceling the plans so I could go home but Rob pushed and made sure we went.”-Danielle

As the night went on and Danielle, Rob and his family skated, it turned out to be a great night. As the hours passed, Danielle started noticing Rob was acting strange. The time had come and their session was over. The “family” had been scheduled to take a picture together at 6:00pm, when just at 5:58pm the weather took a turn.

“It was just 5:58pm right before we were supposed to take our picture together and it started to DOWN POOR! Not only that, Robby’s sister kept saying how she hurt her ankle and couldn’t go on the ice. I asked him if it would have been that big of a deal if we just skipped the picture but he was insisting we still do it!” -Danielle

As Danielle started to go on the ice, she began to notice that just her and Rob were the only ones making their way out there. Before she could say anything, she heard the song “Holy” by Florida Georgia Line on the loud speaker.

“The moment I heard our song play, I had a feeling that this was a very special moment. It was all happening so fast and felt like an “outer body” experience! I didn’t want to say anything and tried to act calm just in case I was wrong and he wasn’t going to propose. Then before I knew he it got down on one knee right on the ice in front of everyone!”– Danielle

Right after Rob proposed and everyone started to cheer, he turned around and pointed up. Confused, Danielle looked up to notice a few familiar faces cheering her on in the crowed. Rob had Danielle’s family fly all the way from New Hampshire for this big moment!

“I have only ever had one request for my engagement and it was for my family to be there. They are not big travelers, especially not my 84-year-old grandmother, so it was the most amazing surprise to receive. It was a dream and the greatest night of my whole life!”-Danielle

We congratulate and thank you Rob and Danielle for sharing this magical real life fairytale with us! They have scheduled to come into LaViano Jewelers for their wedding bands and planned their wedding for June 16, 2018 at Rivervale Florentin