LaViano Appraisal Services

Qualified insurance and estate appraisals

LaViano Jewelers provides two options when it comes to appraisals:

Verbal appraisals to determine replacement cost and value for consideration of selling. Verbal appraisals are done at no fee.

Written detailed estate and insurance appraisals are also performed where each item is itemized to satisfy the insurance company for replacement cost or an estate appraisal which an accountant would use to determine estate value. For written appraisals, we charge $125.00 for the first item and then $75.00 for each item after that.

All appraisals are done in front of the client while present. We recommend making appointments prior to coming in.Appraisals fall into two categories; Insurance and Estate Appraisals for Taxable Estates. LaViano Jewelers is qualified to do insurance and estate appraisals on:



Colored stones


Antique jewelry

Gold jewelry

Platinum jewelry

Due to our long experience in the industry and network of dealers, we are able to set current market prices on a broad array of items. In addition, we can evaluate G.I.A. certificates for match with a particular diamond and can provide re-cutting and certification services.

LaViano Jewelers’ appraisals are accepted by all insurance companies.

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