Oris announces an exceptional series of 21 limited-edition watches built to the specifications of the iconic Swiss Air-Rescue Rega.

Rega operates 18 rescue helicopters and three fixed-wing aircraft. Each of these 21 aircraft, identified by their registrations, has its own case back in the new Oris Big Crown ProPilot Rega L.E. collection. Only 100 of each will be made. Airbus Helicopters H145 The twin-engine H145 features cutting-edge avionics and navigation technology, is equipped with a four-axis autopilot, and can also perform satellitebased approach flights with extreme precision. Its spacious cabin means that it is predestined for special intensive care patient transports, such as with a heart-lung machine or a mobile incubator for premature babies. Number of helicopters 7 Patient capacity 1 lying, 1 sitting Rotor diameter 11.00 m Length 13.64 m Height 3.95 m 2 engines, take-off power Arriel 2E, 2×894 HP Maximum flying speed approx. 230 km/h Rescue hoist 90 m, 270 kg AgustaWestland Da Vinci AgustaWestland developed the Da Vinci helicopter according to Rega’s strict, clearly defined specifications. The rescue helicopter is used on all Rega’s mountain bases. It optimally fulfils the high demands made of it in terms of flying characteristics, emergency medical equipment and maintenance. Number of helicopters 11 Patient capacity 1 lying, 1 sitting Rotor diameter 10.83 m Length 12.96 m Height 3.40 m 2 engines, take-off power Pratt & Whitney, 2×778 HP Maximum flying speed 235 km/h Rescue hoist 90 m, 270 kg Bombardier Challenger 650 Rega’s three Challenger 650 ambulance jets are used all over the world by seriously ill or injured people. Equipped like an intensive care unit, they fly up to four lying patients back home. Rega’s ambulance jets are extremely versatile. Up to four patients – two of them intensive care patients – can be transported lying down at the same time. Number of aircraft 3 Patient capacity 4 lying Wing span 19.61 m Length 20.86 m Height 6.40 m Maximum take-off weight 21,863 kg Maximum flying speed 850 km/h Maximum range 6,500 km


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